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Tips on How to Choose High Wattage Resistors 

06.04.18 02:43 PM By marlow.brittney

Keen selection of resistors for high-end electrical equipment is one of the best alternatives to explore so that you can avoid destruction or damage. For audio equipment, these resistors will come in handy to reduce or avoid noise. Among the factors that you need to put into consideration when buying resistors are the requirements of the circuit that you are having. You need to note that some circuits resistors which are more resistant than others. Apparently, the primary selection measures for a resistor is its resistance. Besides resistance, the other factors that will affect the choice of a resistor include temperature requirements, voltage requirements, and noise considerations. 

Noise is an annoying spectrum signal that can be overlaid on any useful signal including direct current. Resistors are also sources of noise, and that depends on the level of resistance, applied voltage, temperature and the type of resistor. There are previous surveys that have been done to show why some resistors produce more noise than others. When choosing a resistor for high-end electrical equipment, it is important to look at the technology which has been used in the design process. There are several components that resistor noise has, and these include current noise and thermal noise. 

Thermal noise can be noticed when there is a resistive material. On the other hand, current noise has a direct association or linkage with the kind of resistive material. Those resistors that have been designed using thick film or carbon have the highest level of current noise. The reason for this is because of the difference of the resistive element materials. The less noisy resistors are those that have thin films, and they have a similar structure. The thickness of these layers varies, and that depends on the resistance value. 

When the film of the resistor is thinner, there is more noise which is generated because of non-uniform depositions, occlusions and surface imperfections. Therefore, if you want a resistor that produces less noise, then select one which has a thicker resistive film. Home appliances and office equipment are the ones that require high-voltage resistors. It is important to buy high-quality custom power resistors so that there is reduced circuit signal problems and outcomes that are reliable. Resistors are normally made out of carbon, a metal oxide film or metal wires. The resistor is designed by having an insulator wrapped around the wire. Thus, having a resistor in your circuit is very important for the successful functioning of the circuit.